2016 clinic schedule

Clinics may be customized to the individual or a group

Clinic topics include but are not limited to:

  • Carriage driving– Basics of training your equine to drive;beginning driving; obstacles- cones & hazards for Combined Driving Events (CDE), driven dressage
  • Riding– musical drill team; round pen colt starting; cowboy speed trail; practical trail.

REASONABLE RATES Be creative, and let’s play!

2016 Schedule

April 3, Sunday 9:30 AM – 4 PM  $20  Moorpark, CA          Introduction to Pleasure Driving Showing

Show Clinic Flyer 2016 

April 3, 2016_ Clinic Entry Form (1)

March 19, Saturday  9AM-4:30 PM  $65.00      Norco, CA     CANCELLED- due to lack of interest

Cones, Gambler’s Choice, and trail Obstacles Clinic and lessons.

Click here for the contact/ registration infohttp://www.firsttimeevents.com/Obstacle-Driving-16

January 23, Saturday 9:30 AM         $40 per person

Carriage Driving 101- what you NEED to KNOW  BEFORE you hitch up.

click here for the form –2016 intro to driving PDF

Here is a review/ letters from a clinic I did for Central Valley Harness Assoc. in November 2015

CVHA clinic thank you letter






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