2019 clinic, judging and event schedule

Clinics may be customized to the individual or a group

Clinic topics include but are not limited to:

  • Carriage driving– Basics of training your equine to drive;beginning driving; obstacles- cones & hazards for Combined Driving Events (CDE), driven dressage
  • Carriage Assoc. of AM.- Driver Proficiency Program– what the program is all about.  Preparation courses for Levels I-III
  • Riding– musical drill team; round pen colt starting; cowboy speed trail; practical trail.

REASONABLE RATES Be creative, and let’s play!

2019 Schedule

2/23/19                       Carriage driving playday (weather permitting), 9:30 AM  Here

3/16-17                        Pleasure Driving Show -Litchfield Park, AZ                               http://www.arizonacarriage.org/

5/11-13                         Clinic/ Lessons/ driver proficiency evals. Albuquerque, NM Contact: kpmcanter505@aol.com for more info

5/18-19                         Clinic/ Lessons/ Driver Proficiency evals. Chicago (area), IL

8/2-4                              Ventura Co. Fair, Ventura, CA Pleasure Driving Show


2018 Schedule     

6/16/2018                  Multiples clinic #2- pairs and tandems- maybe more…. hands on work with reins, harnessing, carriage fit and more Multiples clinic 2 6 16 2018

5/4,5,6/ 18                Introduction to driving- ‘what you need to know before you hitch up’- training the horse and driver flyer clinic May 2018

4/29/18                     Multiples clinic- pairs and tandems- hands on work with reins, harnessing, carriage fit and more  Multiples clinic flyer

2/11/18                      Clinic- “Introduction to pleasure carriage showing- what the judge is looking for” 2 2018 show clinic   (click there for info on clinic)

2017 Schedule

6/30-7/2/17            Judging – display carriages-Carriage Showcase Show- KY Horsepark, Lexington, KY

8/4-6/17                  Judging- Ventura Co. Fair Pleasure Driving Show- Ventura, CA

11/3-5/17                 Speaker- Donkey Welfare Symposium- UC Davis- Davis, CA (topic- driving your donkey)





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