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‘What are you afraid of?’  This article appeared in ‘The Whip’  magazine published by The American Driving Society (hover over and click the F and the PDF pops up for download)

Fear by Patricia Demers PDF

I’m no longer writing articles for Horsetrader Magazine, but you can go back in the archives and read my articles.  They appeared in the mid-month editions.

If you can’t pick up a magazine, check out Horsetrader on line-

You can go back thru old issues to May 2014 to my first article.

LINKS TO PAST ARTICLES in Horsetrader Magazine-                                

Click/ cut & paste for current issue of Horsetrader Magazine- my articles are in the mid-month edition.

I also occasionally write an article for ‘The Whip’ and ‘Carriage Journal’ magazines.

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